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Expedition for racers

Course Level


Total Hour

1h 40m

Video Tutorials


Course content

1h 40m

Setting up Expedition

How to use this e-learning
Downloading and Installing
Basic lay out and logic
Data simulator

Waypoints and courses

Input: Polar and Sailchart

Weather: grib files

Race notes

Optimizing a route (Routing)



Competition monitoring

Connecting to boat instruments

About Course

This course is for everyone who:

  • Just got Expedition and want to know how to use it.
  • Have been using Expedition already, but have some “how do I do this?” questions.
  • Wants to become fluent with Expedition

In this course we will focus on the: How do I do this in Expedition?

Some of the topics we will tackle are:

  • Number boxes
  • WP’s and courses
  • Downloading and viewing weather
  • Polars & Sailcharts
  • Basic and Advanced optimal routing
  • Stripchart usage
  • Competition monitoring
  • Connecting to instruments and AIS
  • Starting with Expedition

After this course you will be fluent with Expedition.

This course is a Expedition course and not a full Navigation course. That one will come to later.
Are you using Expedition for cruising? An “Expedition for cruising” course will be available soon

This and all other courses on the site are subject to constant improvement. When the course is purchased you will have acces to any upgrades, additions and improvements made to the course.

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